Pickleball Themed Party Decor Ideas

The game of pickleball has taken the world by storm, the pickleball courts are full here in Utah, like the rest of the country, and people are outside moving and having fun.

The pickleball addiction has also reached our party shop doors and we have curated what we think is the most stylish pickleball theme party supplies, decorations and balloons possible! Here are some of our best pickleball party design ideas and pickleball inspo for your event.

We have pink pickleball paddle plates, ball napkins and juicy sayings cups, cocktail napkins with sassy pickleball lingo humor and coordinating party balloons and decor so you can rally the team and throw the most insane pickleball cocktail social party or prettiest pickleball theme birthday party ever!


Pickleball party tableware

 Photo Credit: Mind's Eye


We love that pickleball party decorations and tableware can be color coordinated for girls or boys (big and small). We have pink, neon yellow and green designs sure to please any pickleball player's taste in party decorations. Let's take a sneak peak of a couple pickleball party ideas that serve up some aces with their pickleball party supply designs! 

Throw a Pickleball Cocktail Party!

The best thing about pickleball is that everyone can play, so creating a party around pickleball means that everyone can take part (and they are probably playing already, so why not just make it a party!)

Throwing a pickleball get-together with friends and family can only result in fun! Just don't forget to let your guests know to bring their sport shoes and outfits so they are not left out of the rally! 

A pickleball cocktail party would not be a cocktail party without a cocktail! Here is my own concoction from the kitchen, if you get my game plan!

Dink It Margarita with Ice

  • Lime wedge, for optional rim
  • Coarse salt, for optional rim
  • 2 ounces PATRÓN Añejo
  • Splash Grand Marnier
  • 4 ounces fresh squeezed grapefruit

You cannot serve a cocktail without fun cocktail napkins and coasters. Check out these cute pickleball ball shaped napkins & funny cocktail napkins with sayings only pickleball lovers will understand! 

Pickleball cocktail party napkins pink
Pickleball funny cocktail Napkins Great Minds Dink Alike in Green and White


Pickleball cocktail napkins
Day Dinker Pickleball Cocktail Napkin

pink paddle pickleball and ball paper napkins

Pickleball party paper cups

Throw a Pickleball Theme Birthday Party!

Let's face it, if you are going to celebrate a birthday, you may as well throw a pickleball theme party!

Sporting parties have never looked so good. No, really!

Mix and Match. No matter how and where you place, it, these cool pickleball tableware designs combine so well with other table top patterns. Here, green and pink stripes and pink bow napkins are combined with a pickleball crest plate. A little pickleball can go a long way!


Pickleball Party Elegant Tableware Ideas

 Photo Credit: Bonjour Fete


Not into pink? No worries!

We are not biased with pickleball, men are welcome too! Here are some great non- pink pickleball party decor to consider for a more masculine or a rather, un-pink look:

pickleball ball paper napkins
Pickleball court paper plates in green and yellow
pickleball paper plate in white and gold
Pickleball paddle and ball paper napkins in green, white and yellow


We love that the pickleball party collection does not stop at tableware, we found adorable banners and balloons that will pull your look together for great photo shoots, birthday cake table backdrops and wall decor. It's a simple way to tie the pickleball theme all together!



pickleball party paper banners and garlands

Photo Credit: My Mind's Eye 


Paper party plates and napkins with die cuts are just so incredible for the modern party, we are just blown away by the designs. From pickleball paddle plates to pickleball ball shaped napkins, serve your guests in style with these fun design ideas!

pink pickleball paddle napkin with ball for a pickleball party
Pink pickleball paddle paper plate




Keeping score in pickleball is important. If not, things can get messy, so just in case, don't forget to add a table cover! (Not only does it take spills gracefully, but It looks good, too)

Paper Table runner in greens




We hope you found some inspo in our pickleball party idea blog! Can't wait to see you out on the party court soon!


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