What the heck are Orbz® Balloons?

photo credit @poppet_events

At partyHAUS, we just can't get enough of these perfectly spherical Orbz® balloons! We love adding them to balloon bouquets and latex garlands as well as alone for themes such as Under the Sea bubbles or pastel bubble whimsey installations.  They add a splash of metallic color and depth to a balloon wall backdrop or garland.

Orbz® Jumbo XL™ is a registered trademark name used by Anagram International (Amscan) for their spherical 3D shaped balloons. They are made from a stretchy type of foil mylar or a plastic. Orbz® come in a wonderful range of prints, marble designs, tinted pastel see-through looks and colorful ombre and solid colors. 

What we find, though, is that when we see photos or videos of Orbz® balloons, they are rarely inflated properly, sometimes even square.

If you purchase an Orbz® balloon, please read the instructions in the packaging on how to properly inflate them and get the most out of your purchase. 

Alternatively, here is a great video by one of our suppliers on how to properly inflate an Orbz® balloon. You will not only benefit from a great final look of the balloon, but best performance, as well!

We also carry spherical balloon shapes from other manufacturers such as Qualatex and Betallic. Here is our link to our big selection of Orbz and Sphere balloons!  Enjoy!